Transport and Mechanical Construction Enterprise was born in 2000 and associated with the birth of Ha Thanh Concrete Joint Stock Company. After 16 years of establishment and development, the enterprise is currently providing construction equipment: pile-pressing robot, commercial concrete, carpet construction, foundation construction, transportation... for all projects. Ha Thanh's project with a total of over 400 machines and equipment.

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With a team of highly trained engineers and mechanics with up to 150 employees, the enterprise is always ready to provide technical support and operate the most advanced machinery systems.

Contact us: Ha Thanh Transport and Mechanical Construction Enterprise
Address: Lot I A2, Road 23B, Tien Duong Commune, Dong Anh District, City. Hanoi
Hotline: (024) 62.945.260     -   Fax: (024) 39.650.724