In 2023,  the fire and explosion situation in the city. Hanoi's developments are extremely complicated and unpredictable. To proactively prevent fires and explosions and promptly handle situations when fire and explosion incidents occur. On the morning of October 28, 2023, HA THANH GROUP coordinated with the City Fire Prevention and Rescue Police. Hanoi organizes training to improve fire prevention and rescue skills for Ha Thanh employees who directly manage and operate equipment and machinery.

During the training period, HA THANH GROUP employees were conveyed the following contents: "Fire and explosion situation in the city. Hanoi today, the causes of fires, rescue procedures when fires and explosions occur and measures to prevent and fight fires and explosions as well as valuable lessons for workers to improve their understanding of Fire safety at the unit.

Besides, the City Fire Prevention and Rescue Police. Hanoi also focuses on practical guidance on using fire extinguishers; Quickly deploy firefighting teams and rescue and rescue injured people when a fire or explosion occurs.

Through the training and practice program in fire prevention and rescue situations, HA THANH GROUP employees have learned many lessons about skills in handling fire and explosion situations and risks of unsafety during the production process. , to operate and use equipment, machinery and vehicles in accordance with procedures, contributing to ensuring the safety of life and property of the unit.