Escaping from the gloomy colors in the first and second quarters, in the last months of the year the construction materials market has shown more positive signs, notably the output of culvert products, concrete piles, Asphatl concrete, Ha Thanh Group's commercial concrete in October and November 2023 increased to the highest level since the beginning of the year. This is the time when construction projects are urgently completed on schedule, many key national projects in localities and sectors promote disbursement of public investment capital, support policies, and economic recovery, Unlocking capital flows in the market has promoted strong growth in the construction materials industry.

Bustling production, bustling with orders
These days, employees of Vinh Phuc BTHT Factory are trying to emulate production to promptly supply signed orders in Quarters III, IV/2023 and Quarter I/2024. Currently, in the Northern region, Vinh Phuc BTHT Factory is one of the reputable units capable of meeting a large number of orders with guaranteed quality and on-schedule delivery time.

Even though they are busy, employees of Vinh Phuc BTHT Factory are always radiant with joy. Introducing to us, Mr. Duong Hong Nam - Director of Vinh Phuc BTHT Factory said: "This is peak time, the whole factory is focusing all resources and human resources to stretch production to serve demand." of the market. All factories producing culverts, piles, asphalt concrete, and commercial concrete normally have nearly 300 workers, but during this peak period, more than 100 workers must be increased. Most workers have to work overtime to meet the progress requirements of orders.
Currently, all the products of the factory are sold everywhere. Customers give very positive feedback about the quality of the products and delivery schedule. We are very excited.

Improve productivity, stabilize prices
Appearing on the market since 2008, products produced by Vinh Phuc BTHT Factory include: round culverts sized D300 mm - D2000 mm, single box culverts 400*400 - 3000*3000; double box culvert 2 (3000*3000), commercial concrete, asphalt concrete, prestressed piles, reinforced concrete piles, mechanical processing, concrete structures (manholes, culvert bases, sewer pipes. .. has been increasingly asserting its position and reputation with customers.."

To obtain high quality products that meet market needs. The factory's staff and engineers have diligently researched and applied science and technology to production to have the best products. Not only that, products produced by Ha Thanh always have to undergo strict quality inspection processes to ensure distribution conditions to the market.
Currently, Vinh Phuc BTHT Factory is trying its best to produce D300 & D350 piles to serve Vin Vu Yen Project - Hai Phong; Supply and construction of D400 piles for Nitory Factory Project phase 3 - Son Loi - Binh Xuyen - Vinh Phuc; providing sheet piles, Phan Vu Joint Stock Company Project; Pile D600 for Quang Chau Industrial Park Project - Bac Giang; Providing culverts and bases of all kinds for TPC company, Vin Hung Yen project; Phu Ha - Phu Tho Industrial Park project;...with an average output of culverts and piles estimated at nearly 70,000md/month; Asphalt concrete over 10,000m3; commercial concrete over 6,000 m3.

With a spirit of enthusiasm and determination to overcome all difficulties and challenges of the economy. Believe that Vinh Phuc BTHT Factory Collective will break all limits, create miracles, worthy of being the leader of Ha Thanh Group in the Northern market./

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