Vinh Tuong district - Vinh Phuc province is currently one of the vibrant localities with urban areas, industrial parks, industrial clusters and diverse types of commercial services. Many works and projects are being implemented by the district to create a breakthrough in socio-economic development, striving to basically complete the criteria for class IV urban areas by 2025.

As the unit supplying and constructing Asphalt concrete for the Central Trunk Road Project of Vinh Tuong District - National Highway 2, National Highway 2C Dong Soc Industrial Cluster, this is a key project to gradually improve transport infrastructure, promote local socio-economic development. These days, HA THANH GROUP's asphalt concrete construction team is trying to speed up the completion of project items. Inspection and supervision are regularly implemented to ensure progress, construction quality and issues of traffic safety, labor safety, and environmental sanitation for the project. .

With 23 years of experience in the field of construction materials production, Ha Thanh's strength is "GUARANTEED PROGRESS, QUALITY AND REPUTABLE WARRANTY SERVICE" which has conquered large and demanding investors in the world. market.
2023 is a really difficult year for the Vietnamese business community, especially the construction industry, which is constantly facing the "slowness" of real estate and the escalation of raw material prices. HA THANH GROUP is no exception to that rule, Ha Thanh's production and business situation is also affected due to rising raw material prices, many works and projects have their progress delayed/postponed due to resource difficulties. capital. Besides difficulties, Ha Thanh's production and business situation still records bright spots.

From the beginning of 2023 until now, Ha Thanh has won many large projects worth hundreds of billions of VND. Typical examples include: Lotte Mall Hanoi Project, Fukang Technology Bac Giang Factory Project, Red River Surface Water Plant Project, BYD Phu Tho Factory Project, Ben Tre River Embankment Project, Sam Bien Square Project Son – Thanh Hoa; Hanoi National University Project,…
The bright spots of HA THANH GROUP in the overall difficult picture of the market once again show the consistency and persistence in Ha Thanh's business strategy. This is an important foundation for HA THANH GROUP to continue to maintain stable growth and breakthrough to gain unlimited values ​​in the future./