For a long time, the Cold Food Festival has become a cultural beauty of the Ha Thanh people. Not as busy as the Lunar New Year or the Full Moon Festival in January, but on the 3rd day of the third lunar month every year, on every meal tray of Ha Thanh employees, there will be an extra plate of floating cake rich in the flavor of friendship to express thanks. and the message of the Board of Directors is: "We are all a family, let's join hands to build the Ha Thanh family to grow more and more, constantly reaching higher and reaching further."

In previous years, on Han Thuc Tet, Ha Thanh women always took the time to arrange their work to make vegetarian banh troi by hand for everyone to enjoy. But this year, because the company's scale is growing and there is a lot of work, the Company has chosen a reputable baking facility to buy vegetarian cakes for employees to gather together to enjoy during lunch at the Company. .

Although the cultural beauty of the Ha Thanh people has decreased, the tradition of solidarity and warm-hearted culture in Ha Thanh still remains intact in the minds of many people and many generations who have been attached to and grown up in this area. shared house HA THANH GROUP

                                           Ha Thanh employees enjoy the real Korean New Year atmosphere right at the company

With the aroma of sticky rice, the rich taste of fresh coconut, and a little sweetness of molasses, the atmosphere of Han Thuc Tet in Ha Thanh seems to become warmer and more meaningful./

                                                                                                                                                               HA THANH GROUP MEDIA